Information and Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Impact Options shall work to capture existing information, processed and made available for easy utilization, this results into creation of evidence and packaging useful information to inform programmes management. Impact Options’ knowledge management service aims to assist organizations to be able to provide accurate, timely and accessible information; utilize existing knowledge by applying lessons and replicating successful cases identified and documented; and ensures information is retained and not lost – hence enhancing institutional memory.

Technology and Media Monitoring

In order to enhance our effectiveness, Impact Options has initiated a partnership with technological innovation companies who can help supply the following:

  • Media software that can help us monitor specific information that have been mentioned through the internet e.g. foreign statements or magazines published that mention issues of corruption in Uganda.
  • Software that can do used to cut specific pieces of online newspapers or other PDF documents (e.g cutting a short story by a journalist from a bigger PDF document or newspaper online) and help do electronic archiving so that Impact Options staff do not have to use piles of printed newspapers with lots of cuttings locally

Media Monitoring

Impact Options information management services shall include media monitoring and media analysis. Impact Options work on media monitoring, to serve various information outcomes including evidence based decisions, information awareness and supporting policy review are in recognition to the fact that valid, credible and independent information is a vital tool for reaching wider policy and wellbeing outcomes. Impact Options continue to work with media companies and experts to increase its role in media monitoring in the East Africa Region.

Impact Options is leading a path to using media monitoring for development particularly to identify and document day-to-day information that relates to priority development agenda such as government spending, corruption, trends of traffic Impact Options gathers information that has been made available in the public domain and ensures that such information is analyzed and presented in ways that can allow for their open access and utilization for development purpose.

To ensure quality and accuracy, Impact Options conducts verification interviews of well-placed sources of information to ensure that information collected through public media are well validated. Our interest is that once bits and pieces of information concerning corruption, for example, is captured and documented through our database on a daily basis, across all media sources, we can be able to demonstrate the bigger picture of the corruption syndrome in a manner that will take keen attention of policy makers and other stakeholders. In other words, we want to capture and aggregate data to gain big data that will draw attention and provoke action, beyond what would otherwise be small and scattered data that filters in various media channels without impact.

Monitoring information trends relate to the importance of information gathering and analysis for key development theme including:

  • Accountability (example, media monitoring of ‘Corruption’)
  • Climate change (example, media monitoring of ‘Solar’)
  • Agriculture (‘Certified Seeds’, ‘Local Seeds’)

Organisational Dev't & Capacity Building

At iMPACT Options, we use tailored organizational diagnosis models to facilitate organizational assessments in specific contexts.

iMPACT Options business approach

Independent Third Parthy Monitoring

Effective monitoring is a key element of learning, decision-making and strengthening of accountability and transparency to affected populations, partner governments and donors.

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Programme Technical Support

We offer a range of tailored support technical support tasks that involves assisting organizations to appraise overall project management and adopt programme improvement various measure.

Monitoring and Evaluation Services

At Impact Options, we provide Monitoring and Evaluation technical support to organizations so that there is integration, utilization and capacity for Monitoring and Evaluation

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