Our Business Approach

iMPACT Options Business Approach

Through a range of services, iMPACT Options works with international and national organizations as well as the private firms and governments involved in development in developing countries.

iMPACT Options supports organizations implementing poverty eradication, emergency response or general development programmes by providing tailored services that meet specific needs of clients as a priority.

Evidence-based programme Support:
  • Information & Knowledge Management
  • Organizational Development and Capacity Building
  • Independent Third Party Monitoring
  • Programme Management Support
  • Monitoring & Evaluation

Long-term Technical Corporation

This aims to concentrate technical support to organizations over a longer term beyond 6 months. Through this arrangement, Impact Options delivers results against set benchmarks linked to overall performance improvement of clients.

Short-term tailored consultancies

Short-term consultancy arrangement is concerned with providing very specific tasks to serve particular results within a short time frame not exceeding 6 months. This includes project evaluation, providing training workshop or research.

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