Independent Third Party Monitoring

Effective monitoring is a key element of learning, decision-making and strengthening of accountability and transparency to affected populations, partner governments and donors. Humanitarian agencies are committed to ensure that the ability to collect the evidence base that informs programming is not compromised. In order to carry out effective and timely assessment, delivery, distribution and monitoring of food assistance, and to ensure the safety of its personnel, humanitarian agencies require safe and unhindered humanitarian access.

Humanitarian access is in fact a precondition to humanitarian action. However, in practice, there are times when humanitarian organisations face insurmountable challenges to access the populations in need of assistance while simultaneously, and due to programme criticality, facing the humanitarian imperative to continue providing assistance and monitoring such assistance.

Information and knowledge management

We work to capture existing information, processed and made available for easy utilization, this results into creation of evidence and packaging useful information to inform programmes management.

Organisational Dev't & Capacity Building

At iMPACT Options, we use tailored organizational diagnosis models to facilitate organizational assessments in specific contexts.

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Programme Technical Support

We offer a range of tailored support technical support tasks that involves assisting organizations to appraise overall project management and adopt programme improvement various measure.

Monitoring and Evaluation Services

At Impact Options, we provide Monitoring and Evaluation technical support to organizations so that there is integration, utilization and capacity for Monitoring and Evaluation

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